The Cruel World

March 17, 2010
The world is cruel and evil.
It has no heart nor soul, everyone here is empty, they contain no love.
There is no hope, no peace nor happiness on this world.
We all hate one another, we can never truly love.
People are not animals; they are just demons ready to escape.
We laugh at the pain of others; watch as some fall.
Yet we cry when we hear our world is falling apart.
Why can’t we get along?
Why must we be so violent?
Why can’t we have a heart?
Why can’t we care and love?
Is it because we are demons?
Is it because we don’t belong?
We must escape this cruelness become together and one, separate our differences, and then together we will be strong.
Forget the violence and fighting in war.
Lets try at least to change this cruel world.

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