One More Chance

March 17, 2010
By Anonymous

This is a poem to David S.,

my first roommate at Culver,

whom I have hated every day
for being a bad roommate

for always being messy
for never cleaning the room

for never doing your homework.

This is a poem to David,
whom I did not want to room with
whom no one else wanted either
whose face I punched, making your nose bleed.

This is a poem to you, David, because
I have to tell you
no one cared because no one liked you

and not until we switched roommates

and you started losing the pounds
and tried to redeem yourself to others

and not until the last months of Culver
did we start to become friends.

But Culver did not invite you back

because you were still messy
because you were still lazy
because you were still hated in the unit.

This is a poem to David, to whom

I wish I could say sorry
I wish I never gave up on you

I wish I could give you another chance

to become a Trooper.

The author's comments:
First year at Culver Military Academy is tough. It takes a long time to adapt to the environment and live in the academy to become a disciplined cadet. One problem that I faced at Culver was finding a roommate. The first roommate that I had at Culver, David S., was the worst experience in my life.

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