March 17, 2010
By cmw01 BRONZE, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
cmw01 BRONZE, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"Someday, someone will walk into your life and you will realize why it never worked out with anyone else"

Here I go
I’m taking the first step
Outside of this hole
The hole is so deep
I had to jump high

Here I go
I’m walking towards you
I’m trying to ignore you
Your love was impossible
You just had to say no

Here I go
Towards the door
I’m going to walk out
I’m going to leave
You will no longer control me

Here I go
I closed the door
You just watched me leave
You didn’t stop
I didn’t bother to ask why

Here I go
To a new life
A new road
A new journey
New hopes and dreams

Here I go
There I went
I watched the past repeat itself
I knew I had to change something
It was her or me

Here I go
Finally leaving
Finally going to be wanted
Finally going to a place where I call home
I’m finally going to tell my story

So let it be heard
Here I go

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