March 17, 2010
By Shambler92 PLATINUM, Buenos Aires, Other
Shambler92 PLATINUM, Buenos Aires, Other
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Oh! Moon, turn the tides… gently gently away!

Oh! Moon, everlasting,
Turn these stone-rocks and let this vessels drift away,
Let wisdom unveiled from the palm,
Ah! Let it all be forsaken,

Into the ocean,

Away, away,
Let them slide their softened hulls into the wastes of the sea
And be lost with entertainment!
Take them away,
Away from the shores where mad breakers break,
Break the sun with your infant horns as you gently drift away,

Hands upon the masts
And wind upon the white sun-struck canvas,
Let it blow,

Oh Gods of Heaven!
Let it blow this vessel kindly towards Electric Ladyland,
Go swift through the waters of the western lands,

To the East Ho!

To the East!
Take these passengers of the night, gently put them upon your warm bosom

And teach them about your love,
Oh! Open their eyes sun on the horizon,
Don’t let them cross the mighty waters blind!
Play for them,

Harps are sweeter and melodies too when sung by thee,
Let them sleep, coiled in the womb of the Buddha,

Held by the waves of shimmering light
That drop from the skies almighty!

Drive this vessel quietly,
Like a shy whisper whistling through the trees

Bearing the secret tunes of the spring,
Don’t let them wake in the midst of a stormy gale,
Let their travel be fleet and safe,

Oh and when you reach the holy soil,
Wake these travelers; wake them under the heathen sunlight,

Let their faces be caressed by such tender rays
And their lips be sweet with the salt of the seas
And the sprout of winds angelic,
A howl of freedom roused upon their minds to release them,

And let them be naked upon their arrival,
And let them run towards the sands and kneel,

And be in bliss, and ecstasy,
All drunken with the air of Electric Ladyland!
And let them in that rapture raise their arms, all to heaven,

And all in one voice and motion sing to Eternity
Their prayer everlasting:






Gone, gone, gone beyond,
Gone altogether beyond,

O what an awakening, all hail!

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