Pained Love

March 16, 2010
By Matthew Zhou BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
Matthew Zhou BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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Sometimes, I feel like ripping you apart.
You make me so angry but
Angry in a good way.
We throw abuse at each other
As if we were fist fighting in the street.

The day we met was…frabjous?
Perhaps mud-luscious or puddle wonderful.
Your words cut me like a vorpal sword,
Slaying that mimsy jabberwocky.
Your irascible nature and homely personality
grinded abrasively against mine.
After rubbing emotional shoulders with each other
We proceeded to make wild, unemotional love
On Chinese silks and Peruvian marble.

Free spirits tear down cages though,
And what we have is the most binding thing in life.
We’re two spirits descending in a spiraling maelstrom of
Joy and terror and glee and fright and maddening happiness.
Two trisexuals swearing to monogamy in a purely Mormon sense.
Don’t flirt with that women in leather anymore.
Sometimes, I think I love you.
Nevermind. I hate you.

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