Courage and the Lion Within MAG

March 16, 2010
By esn0622 GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
esn0622 GOLD, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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Beneath a sky of gray, nestled between sunken clouds,
Courage glistens, understated but golden, in the eyes of a man
Who battles to board the train heading east
The man whose battle leaves an open wound on his soul, for

The wind at the station is all that is left, once he arrives and
The train abandons him and he is faced with himself,
A man with sad salesman eyes, sad, gray eyes, drained eyes.

But underneath, courage lurks,
A lion that has learned to be subdued lives within him.
To live each day, a shadow in what could have been,
To confront the ghosts of maybe and the memories of what-if,
To cut off your wings and leave a torn battleground on the surface of the
Heart, that,
That is courage.

To live is to be courageous.

The gray office awaits, the customers beckon. The man's facade remains.
He lingers, basking in the dreams that had scattered, torn, disintegrated,
Long before they had materialized.
To live a life that the little boy of childish hope and aspiration of so long ago
Would be ashamed of, that,
That is courage.

To fail, that takes guts.

To fail and continue on, to forge a path through the muck,
That is courage.

To live is to be courageous.

The man demonstrates the pros and cons of Kenmore Dishwashers.
Inside, a lion stirs.

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This article has 1 comment.

versafluke said...
on Dec. 1 2010 at 8:17 pm
reading this makes me want to go out and be a lion:)

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