You Don't Know Me

March 16, 2010
You don’t know me.
You could never know me.
Then how dare you criticize me,
Time after time,
Judge me,
Day after day.
You didn’t think I heard?
Whispering doesn’t cover it up.
I know by the silence
When I walk in the room and you all stop talking.
But then you smile at me with your nose all scrunched up
Like you were my best friend.
What does it matter?
Why would you say that?
Oh I see.
Eliminating the competition.
If I were as weird or as ugly as you say, what need is there to eliminate me?
If only to be assured that you still had a chance
With the boys. The boys, the boys,
The stupid boys.
They’re all you talk about.
All you laugh about.
The only ones I see you laughing with instead of laughing at.
Otherwise, you have a perpetual frown on your face.
Like – come give me what I want.
Like you didn’t have enough already
Like hungry dogs they chase after you
But you don’t feed them
Just leave little treats on the ground
Enough so they’ll keep coming
Because deep inside you know they’re all you have
All you’ll ever amount to
But soon you’ll lose them
And you’ll have nothing

You didn’t know me.
You wouldn’t dare get to know me
Too bad for you
For now I’m in control
I’m the one with a dog
Sure I may not have them all chasing
But if I did, I would forever be running.
I feed mine
And he stays
But if I lost him
I’d still be alright
Because I have everything
And you have nothing
And if you had gotten to know me
I might have even forgiven you.

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lindseybaby said...
Apr. 5, 2010 at 6:19 pm
katty u know i luv dis :)
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