March 16, 2010
By Felicia GOLD, Chandler, Arizona
Felicia GOLD, Chandler, Arizona
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the brick wall i put between my mind and you could only last for so long

the lies and words of hatred could only bounce off for such a short time

your actions could only be ignored for a little while

the wall started to crumle and my brain started thinking

maybe it isnt school that gets me so down

the loss of close friends might not have anything to do with me

my clothes dont look right and its not because they are too tight

the tears that fall arent the cause of no longer working medication

the breakdown are not the results of my mind attacking myself

no, this is all because of you

its all the poking and proding and the mean things you say every day

so yes, i blame you for all the damage

you are a messed up sociopath that gets high off other people misery

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