Blue without you

March 16, 2010
By Megz .H. BRONZE, Cicero Ind., Indiana
Megz .H. BRONZE, Cicero Ind., Indiana
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Blue is the sky
Blue is a heart when it is broken
Blue is the swimming water
Blue is the color of M&Ns
Blue is the color of blueberries
Blue is the color of peoples feelings
Blue is how I feel without you
Without you, I don't know where
I would be in life
You make me smile
You make me happy
You make me laugh
What would you do without me?
Would you cry?
Would you dream about me?
Dream about me coming back?
Would you be blue?
I know I am without you
Smiling, Happiness, and Laughing is all I need
All I need to survive
Without you, I would have none of that stuff
My life would never be the same
My life would be blue
Blue, so terribly blue,
Without you

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