Being a Soccer Girl

March 16, 2010
By COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
COGIC*Girl#1 GOLD, Moore, Oklahoma
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The roaring sensation of the crowd turns up
the adrenaline in my body rushes faster then ever
with defenders behind me
all eyes fall on me
its just me
me and the goalie
no time to think
no time to be hesitant
the goalie takes her place
all the practice
all the preparation
goes into this moment
i take all the feelings
being anxious, being nervous
and apply it to that ball
and as the ball an my adrenaline
come in contact its explosive
just how we finished the game
explosive and winners

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because i love writing poems about passions that i have and one of my passions would be soccer
soccer is one of those sports that the more passion you put into it the better you become

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