she was miss lead

March 16, 2010
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she was miss lead. she was lied too. she was lost and in a way that was to sad for her to bare. she was to hurt too think of anything that would make her happy. she wastoo hurt to find out the truth, she didnt wat too have anymore nails in her heart. she was relized that the blood was fillin up her heart too fast. she was drondin in her own self-estem. she didnt relize that as she cryed she she died in side more and more. every tear that she cryed was a drop of blood that she wasted over a guy than for something that was worth her time. all the tears that was wassted on a guy who would breake her heaart anddrive another nail threw it only too make it bleed more. i gess he liked too see her in the pain she was in. she was so sad she didnt do anything of lakt to anyone. she was bleed so bad she was drowded in her own pain and she suffed longer than she was ment too. she was so alone and she was so lost the only one she had was he best friend who proved that he did cheet and he did lie. but no she is saved. she was out of her blood and in too real life she now knows that the guy she liked was not the one. best friends are forever but love my not last. she now knows who she is and it will stay like that.

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