Let us sing and rejoice in our existance

March 16, 2010
By Amp434 BRONZE, Selma, Alabama
Amp434 BRONZE, Selma, Alabama
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oh sweet, pale moon beams won't you fall and drift into my hands like the rain drops- the gray rain drops that drip, drip, drip onto my skin- and into my pores, replenishing me to be so soft and touchable and give me a nice, rainy scent
simple smile, won't you stay a while and sleep with me on the roof where we can see the sun rising with may skies in our minds, and those spring time flowers that I will carelessly pluck from the earth and tie together to form my flower crown of hope and love.
incandescent, luminous light that does fill my heart and pours out from within my eyes-
show you my soul, I hold it out naively to let you see
oh, pretty songs won't you sing to me- and let your melodies seep into me-
deep into me where no one dares to go-
that place where my thoughts linger and hold those drops of blood that caress my bones and pump, they're pumping through my veins to make me seek the rain

where I will dace again to let myself feel the happy pain of nothingness and timeless beauties.
I will orbit the sun when I die and float on
I believe that our souls are brighter than the brightest of light- when they find that time never really existed- it was only something someone created when they could never find bliss.
oh and again and again I will spin to feel the earth moving with me in perfect sync because really sometimes everyone should stop to think about their wave lengths traveling out into space and their voice waves where they meet other clashing voices because we are all one when we speak and our motions waves clash and collide and join into ONE and that is where we are finally all joined- don't you see? I am far away but yet you are feeling me through someone else- through another and another
yes, we are all together!
all the guitar tunes and singing voice boxes that we cannot see reaching through time like a growing seed
if only- everyone could see that we are all only meant to be in one another enjoying and planting everything we need!
I am a thread tightly sewn together with all of my brothers and their mothers and the entire world together. Let us sing and rejoice and be glad in our existence.

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