human sacrifice

March 19, 2010
By Anonymous

my legs are blocks
as i walk up the long hard stairs
to a blood stained alter.
i am naked.
people stare.
ladies whisper, men glare.
my mom, wife and child cry.
why'd i have to do those crimes?
a deep voice growls, as cold hands grab my hot arms and legs, pulling them apart.
I see the god, upside down, as i pray.
blood stains cover the god as tears escape my eyes, as i wait for my death.
the knife is plunged into my exposed chest,
and blood flies out of my mouth.
flesh is cut, and my insides spill out steaming, as red hot blood flows out from my mouth and open dirty wound.
pain fills my body and i cry.
all the time i see the god i'm being sacrificed to,

enjoying my death.

one last breath and one last cry, as i feel my heart being ripped out my body.
my spirit floats out of my body, and i see my self naked,
cut in half
insides everywere,
and a blood red hand holding up my still beating heart
to the god.
i'll be nothing more, but a
human sacrifice.

The author's comments:
I was inspired by a picture in creative writing class. It was a picture of a dude being sacrificed, the Aztec stlye.

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