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March 15, 2010
By Heartless17 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Heartless17 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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"It's always the nice girls that fear players so much, but its the nice girls that couldn't make up their minds that broke off pieces of nice guys hearts till theres none left so they can no longer love and they become heartless players"

I wake up, i think,"how much longer?"
I try to keep myself busy, but it doesn't matter
Despite all the work i do, my mind is focused on one thing
Even a local car show, as much as i love cars, doesnt interest me
I get to about 4 pm, and i think to myself"wait,i'm supposed to eat aren't i?
Im 6'2" 200 lbs, and i forgot to eat all day?
I guess what im waiting for is just that important
The whole day all i can do is look at my phone like its countdown timer to heaven
Then what i have been waiting for happens
I get a text"come over at six", then my heart accelerates
I make my way home, take a shower, use my best cologne.
Take too much time picking out clothes, but i dont forget to bring my warmest jacket
Then im off, off with a smile and a little victory dance
I get to the house, open the door, candles light a good part of the house
Then comes out on the opposite end of the hall, what i have been waiting for
We both smile and as we come closer, i can smell an aroma, i cant put a name on it, other than "amazing"
She opens her arms as we come closer and light shines upon her
She gives the best of hugs, on her tip-toes and only one thought comes to mind
"How do i get to spend this night, with the most beautiful girl in the world?"
It doesn't make any sense, shouldn't she be goin on a date with Channing Tatum or Edward Cullen?
Why me?
She's my Miss America, she's my princess
I'd say that was the best night of my life, but then it wouldn't be true
Cause I get to do it again, and hopefully again and again
All i know is i would be a damned fool not to wait on her hand and knee
Try to meet her every need, i'd be a fool not to try with all my strength to win her heart
To this moment my continuous thought remains-"she's everything to me"

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