The Music In We

March 9, 2010
By Rachel M. GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
Rachel M. GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
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The beats of our hearts are the sounds
of our very existence,
They are the notes within that make up
our essence, the core.
Our souls are simply a woven song
of our innermost selves,
The melody of which
is played o'er and o'er.

I, you, he, she -we-
All have our own sound,
that is found in
the pulse of veins, the crook of smiles, and the shades of eyes.
When you listen, the notes can be found
underlying the resonance of a voice.
The music we hold is not hard to discover,
if only you find where it hides.

You cannot steal another's song,
but rather rejoice in it.
If two are meant to be as one
the songs will merge, create anew.
From two solitary melodies, to
one entwining harmony.
Coming together, a thing of beauty
which none can undo.

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