Try outs

March 9, 2010
By JohnSheridan4 SILVER, Atglen, Pennsylvania
JohnSheridan4 SILVER, Atglen, Pennsylvania
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buckle up,

Working hard for hours, with no end in sight
Because if you want to be the best, you have to give it all you got
Dreading the day, that you will be tested
And will I make it, or will I fail in the end
Expectations, fear of failing
People that have no hope for you
You know that you’re better than that, they’ve seen you before
But this is the true test right here, right now
Pressure is mounting, hands are sweaty
Next, is screamed loudly
Millions of things, are rushing through my mind
Just how they showed me, just how I’ve practiced for months
I get set, and there it
A hard crack that’s sure to bounce, but I’ve seen better and I got to it cleanly
One swift motion, but there was better
It wasn’t anything to make them say wow, or were did he come for
Just plain and simple but, solid and sure
Time passes, we talk we laugh
Yours was good, but his was better
I messed up completely, but at least I didn’t fall
Then again came the words, Next
That sends that feeling down your back, don’t mess up
Don’t fall on your face, your dad’s right over there
I had to do something good or, I would have no shot
After they had just gone, I would have to perfect
Put on a show, make them say wow and where did he come from
Here it comes, hard way in front of me
I run at an angle, so I can cut it off
And just guess what happens, I trip and fall
But I’ve played long, and you don’t give up
So get up and finish, what I have started
Its ok Johnny, you’ll get it next time
Your 13, and we’re 15
But it didn’t matter, I knew I had lost
I failed, and I had done it the worst possible way
I had one more shot, but I knew it wouldn’t matter
So I did this one for pride, and I did just that
The feeling I had, after the throw
Even though I lost it, I had kept my word
I had one last good one, before the disappointment came over me
I was the youngest there, but it didn’t matter
That kid had my spot, and he didn’t deserve it
They said that they, would rather have me
That’s just because, they didn’t like him
You cant give up on your dream, no matter what happens

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