You, Me, Us

March 9, 2010
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Every day is the same. Every day I see your face and look away. I’m too scared to see who you really are. Sometimes I get mad; I don’t deserve you. But I still want you. Maybe more than anything else. Probably because I know deep down I can’t really have you. But I still wonder…Do you feel the same way? I don’t dare ask. Too afraid to hear your answer. Too concerned to tell you how I feel. That question keeps me living for the answer. I see you with someone else. You see me with someone else. Wishing he was you…Wishing she was me? I tried to move on. But your face kept popping into my head. You were always on my mind. I tried to tell you. I really did. But I didn’t, couldn’t, can’t bear to hear the truth. And I know the truth. You don’t feel the same way. Never will. I can understand. That’s just the way it is. I never meant to grow onto you. I never meant to fell totally, uncontrollably, in love with you. Never. I just did. And I’m sorry.

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