Only I..

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Sometimes i get lonely,
i'm sure everyone does..
but its different when you know you're alone,
and nobody can ever truly understand.
where did i go wrong?
or were there many wrongs?
i cant figure out why i am always punished for what i do..
when i cant find the evil in wanting to be loved.
thats what i do,
i love with all my heart and soul and hope that i will receive what i have given away so easily.
and God be my witness..
let it be known that i have struggled through thorns and shattered glass to keep alive the flame that has had me doing spirals for so long.
all for love..
for love...
so overused and tossed around like it's the place to be,
and it got me to a place i never wanted to be..
a single mother at barely eighteen.
tears running down my face,
asking God why me?
to love....
it's not what you can do for yourself,
it's what you can do for others.
it takes..
love, communication, TRUST, loyalty, forgiveness, and understanding to create an unbreakable bond,
but the problem was..
only I contributed every single thing on this list throughout it all......

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