March 6, 2010
By bayleedarling GOLD, Danville, Virginia
bayleedarling GOLD, Danville, Virginia
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We’re all independent,
in this empty world,
living alone,
needing a loan,
of a caring hug,
friendly smile,
flirty wink,
one of those moments,
where nothing’s quite,
as far apart,
as we once thought,
objects are closer than they appear,
we’re all side view mirrors to a car,
a part of the sealed barrier breaks,
shattering the rest,
a broken plate, crashes to the floor,
everyone and everything,
collapses together,
in one small breath,
a breath worth breathing even twice,
balanced on a tight rope,
hand in hand,
like acrobats,
needing each other to be there,
to catch them,
grab their plunging wrists,
as they fall,
in 2 dependent.

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