She once lived in a fairytale, then she woke up.

March 6, 2010
By tortor09 BRONZE, Glen, Mississippi
tortor09 BRONZE, Glen, Mississippi
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She loves the smell of exotic blends
But prefers the taste of Folgers.
She paints her nails green and orange
Because it reminds her of pumpkins.
She listens to classical music
And taps along with her foot.
She sings loud and off key
Because it makes her feel young again.
She refuses to eat peas
And won't touch a bug to save her life.
She is fluent in five languages
But love is not one of them.
She fakes a British accent
And needs work on her American one.
She pays five dollars for a good meal
And twenty for a bad one.
She has four point two million dollars in Monopoly money
And kicks butt at games of chance.
She used to have a heart
But she gave it away to the first charming stranger she met.
She bats her eyelashes shamelessly
And downs whiskey like there's no tomorrow.
She wishes on shooting stars
But knows praying works better.
She once found the edge of the universe
But forgot to mark it on the map.
She once remembered her name
But faked amnesia.
She once knew how to finish a poem
But this is the best she can come up with after a broken heart.

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