Of the Things I Think I Like

March 6, 2010
i like tuesdays and wednesdays and thursdays and
actually i like every day of the week.
i like green eyes
and i like wearing blue.
but my favourite colour is red.
i like country and rock and jazz and soul
i like history.
especially the '20s and '50s.
i like mythology
but most of all i like Jesus.
i like words
in any language
and putting them in sentences.
i like being alone
but not lonely.
i like football
and basketball
and cities
and boys that don't think
it's weird that i write poems
about bleached bones and liquor and
things i generally know nothing about.
i like pretending i have a british accent
and i like my irish heritage.
i like pretending i'm a bad girl
when really, i'm as innocent as they come.

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