Vicious Ambition

March 12, 2010
By PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
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The things I used to do is things of the past.
I have started my life over and did the first part last.
Success comes first and that's what I am.
The people who used to say I couldn't I'm going to show I can.
Big dreams and goals that I got in my mind.
They ain't just fairy tale things they bound to happen it's just a matter of time.
Keeping my head to the sky,I ain't never going to look down.
Things may trip me but I ain't never going to hit the ground.
Phenomenal young lady is what I am and a Phenomenal woman is what I will be.
Broke that mirror to many times trying to see that I didn't think was me.
Now that the pieces are on the ground, I pick them up and in reality I was the person, the person I see.
Self-Determination is all I need.
Because my my sanity is my success that I use to succeed.
Uncertain about who to trust because the ones I dealt with ain't real.
Things fool you because the picture you see on the outside is not the one that is revealed.
But everything is for me and I'm on a mission.
I got myself to where I am now because of my vicious ambition

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