What's Told Is Better Left Unsaid

March 12, 2010
By PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
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People talk that talk.
But when approached they walk.
Talking what they think they know but they don't.
When asked to say it to my face they won't.
Childish hearsay but as we say rumors.
How you know what you say ain't hurting me?
What is it because on the outside the big bad wolf is what you see?
You don't know what I dealt with or who I am.
Quite frankly I don't think you give a damn.
What you speak is only noise with no meaning.
The stuff you trying to put on the table ain't nothing compared to what I'm bringing.
Don't let this pretty face fool you.
My life I could write a book about it and school you.
State the future an not the past.
Because that final thing you say might be your last.
What you say, I ain't scared to tell you.
If it's true then that's the only this to do.
Mind your business because mines belongs to me.
I'm living in reality while you in a fantasy.
What don't break me, make me stronger.
I'm not taking this talk you call real no longer.
But I ain't letting you get under my skin.
Because you see this is me now and that was then.
The words and things you used to say was slowly killing me an making me feel like I was dead.
So What's told is better left unsaid.

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