My Success Is My Sanity

March 12, 2010
By PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
PoeticInspiration BRONZE, Hopewell, Virginia
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People try to make me out to be the person they want me to be.
Why can't I be me?
What you see is what you don't get.
Me being me is something you won't let.
Comparing me to everybody else like we all the same.
If this person I am is not the person you want to see, then you're the one to blame.
Under estimating me like I ain't never going to be nothing
See what you don't know is whether you like it or not, I'm already something.
Tears that use to fall no longer do.
Because when my tears fell it was like I was surrendering to you.
So I have dried my eyes so now I can see everything.
I'm going to let my joy out so it can sing.
Why waste my time worrying about something I can't change.
I just need to worry about what's real not what's out of my range.
Life is a blessing not a burden.
Be happy while you can because everyday isn't certain.
Now that I can see how I am and not who people trying to make me be.
I'm not worried about what people say because my success is my sanity.

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