The Truth About Lies

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

We twist truth to fit our lies,
Allow to set itself upon an abyss.
Believe to not change as it’s already been told.
Allow it to grow until,
Its Shadow Is so much bigger than the truth,
It becomes easier to believe what it is not.
Because of this we cannot grow.
To change is too try and too try is so hard,
Yet we look to those that do so,
For a chance we may achieve their choice,
Yet to choose we must try,
And to try we must work hard,
And for those that work hard,
The shadows of lies cannot reach them.
They do not allow it to fit itself indefinitely,
They place them on domes of truth,
So they may disappear naturally.
A hole can be filled but a shadow cannot.
Make your lies into shadows instead,
Of letting them become deeper,
Once they have fallen,
Much farther than our apologies can reach.
Then as known become unreachable
That is the truth about lies.

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