Jeans? Please?

March 12, 2010
I feel kind of shallow
as though I’ve hit a rock
and I’ll
and tantrum
until I’ll get the thing I want
I want those jeans so bad man
I need those jeans so bad man
I need them to be accepted
I want them because everyone else wants them
but I don’t want to ask my mother.
I feel bad.
a quality most children don’t posses
and even taking my allowance.
it just kind of rips something.
maybe thats why i don’t work properly.
I know.
If I’ll work real hard
if I show her I try
and I will
If I study math
an hour a day
a skill
she doesn’t think I can test
and if I play piano for an hour straight
let the music
soak into her
dropping the tenseness fast
then maybe
just maybe...
I’ll deserve those jeans at last.

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