March 12, 2010
By Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
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\'Before you stalk and overrun, you can\'t devour anyone.\'

while you’re waiting
don’t you hate it when
on a clock the hands move in a slow circle
instead of tick tocking
like they’re supposed to?
and the light makes a noise sometimes
like a click
there’s nothing you can do about it
and it’s too late to go out and
you’re friends curfews are earlier than yours
but that doesn’t even matter
because i hate walking outside when it’s dark
I hate so many things when i’m waiting
and when i’m waiting
i feel as if i could be doing something else
and i’m stalling
nothing’s changing
let’s wait
still the conversation lays threadbare
so many times has it been discussed
there is no new news
that’s why there is silence in waiting

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