I Am From

March 12, 2010
By Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
Vivallaa PLATINUM, NYC, New York
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\'Before you stalk and overrun, you can\'t devour anyone.\'

I am from a worn out,
warm house
a little garden
where I spent my time
my time next to the 3
red tulips.
‘Oy Boshe!’
‘Poshalusta, needelay solneshka!’
my grin
I was devious,
but my grandma just laughed
I am from sneaking into the witch’s garden;
She would yell at grandma
her garden was all weeds
I am from
biting all the pastries at the shop
making my grandma buy them.
I am from
every time
I saw an airplane in the sky
I would point
I knew I would see her one day.
I am from sirnichki
and cold,
at 12 O’clock midnight
riding on grandpa’s shoulders
through the snow
to go get them.
I am from
running to the window
one of the small and dusty few
to grab the piece of cauliflower my grandma washed for me.
I am from
running to the house
‘oo nas netu markovki dla sneegaveeka!’
I am from
Sveta’s closet.
donning her pumps,
and cute clothes
I would take
everything that was hers
grandma told me to take her clothes
but I said no.
And I am from running to that house
and putting on my white dancer costume
wriggling into it so fast
as grandma helped
to Tanya's yard
I put my hands into peacocks
and made an oval,
over my head
I twirled and twirled
because that’s what I thought
ballerinas did
the crackled radio
made me smile
I have a picture from that day
my grandma in mid kiss
me grinning
the glass is cracked

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