Red Clover State

March 12, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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Dark green seats
On the bus ride home
My knee against the window
Converse squeak on the leather
The sunset sets into my skin
As I read
Without a pen
Pictures run through my head
I see a new perspective
Of the place I've called home for so many years
Marple trees and humming birds
Dancing along the fences
Bright red bushes along the side of the road
Covered in dirty snow
The leaves from autumn wet and frozen to the earth
Rolling muatains, deep purple
Budds growing from the tips
Farms and silos reach twords the sky
Hay bails scattered
Or tucked away inside
Stone set houses and brown horses
The suns going down once more
Happy to be alive
To endore the pain
To see through lies and smile at the pure
My windows cracked but I wouldnt have it any difrrent
Worn away wood floors covered in gray 60s pain
Old heaters,
Dirty frames and dusty corners
The rivers are frozen
And the world keeps turning
Guitar by my side
Nothing gets better
The the trot up on the hill side
Sitting there for the first time yesterday
Hills pooring into ponds covered in cat tails
Roads curving up around
Into the next story
Crab apple trees hang
And the barbed wire fences shine with the sun's rays
Old tire rims barried in the soil
Wishing theses momments would last

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