My Heart Rests at the Bottom of the Ocean

March 12, 2010
By mdudzik BRONZE, Clarence, New York
mdudzik BRONZE, Clarence, New York
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Take a ride down to the ocean. Take a look out at the sea. Look closely and you'll know that this is what you mean to me. This river is filled with the tears i have cried for you. The waves of the ocean flow, carrying my sorrow. The lightening strikes the cold waters of the sea and it is the painful breaking of my heart. The thunder is the sound of my heart trying its best to repair itself, but the harsh winds thrust against me and reality coems into play. The beams of yellow shining from the lighthouse are the only way that i can ever find you again, but the lights just keep on turning, hoping to detect you. But the lights too, are lost and continue to hit the black eyes of the storm. I am lost in the sea of my heartache, waiting for the sun to bring light. So I will sit here and wait for you, all through the night.

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