Simple Questions; Difficult Answers

March 12, 2010
By Ginaannn13279 BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
Ginaannn13279 BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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Who said that it’s okay
to hunt animals for sport?
Who said that it’s acceptable
to hurt children?
Who said that it’s perfectly fine
to shoot other people?
Who said?
A poacher?
An abuser?
A robber?

What would happen if there was
no such thing as war?
What would happen if your biggest problem was,
“Who took my pencil?”
What would happen if school was
only optional?
What would happen?
World peace?
No fear?
Fun? Or anarchy?

Where does all of the money
from our taxes go?
Where does the homework you spent 2 hours typing
disappear to, when you’re POSITIVE you just saved it?
Where does the definition of
“normal” come from?
Surely the government?
Random coincidence?
Other people’s judgements? Or yours?

When does all of this hard work pay off
down the long and winding road?
When are we ever going to
get a break in life?
When did this economy take a downturn,
making hard-workers lose their jobs unexpectedly?
Does it ever pay off?
Is there ever a break for everyone?
Did bad choices lead to economic failure?

Why does school
start so early?
Why do the wars
never seem to stop?
Why does it seem that eight hours
of sleep are never enough?
Is rest not important?
Do people love the sight of blood?
Are we just that lazy?


Simple questions; difficult answers.

The author's comments:
In sixth grade, my teacher told us we asked too many "What if..." questions. Thinking back to that, I thought I could make up a simple "What if" poem, but after thinking about it, I made a poem about the five main questions: Who, what, where, when, and why.

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