March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

A sour look lay upon my face
You covered it with a piece of lace
My knees turned so black and blue
You hid it beneath cloth of a red hue
Scratches and scraps lined my skin
You cloaked my body with a thick sheet of tin
Bruises and bumped enveloped my body
You veiled the injuries with quilts of shoddy
The afflictions turned to large ugly scars
You hid it all behind sturdy bars
You tried to conceal my pain,
lest you become burdened and your life not mundane
You may have a smile plastered to your plastic face
But all the layers that prevent the elasticity and allow you to maintain your grace
Are suffocating me

The author's comments:
From the beginning of my parents divorce, to this day- what I have felt gets covered up to preserve the feelings of relatives.

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