March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

The tension is building up as I wait for my turn.
Suddenly my name is called.
I take a deep breath and begin.
Bang! I jump up onto the spring board and do my
Arabian walkover.
I successfully land it with my feet glued to the beam.
Next comes the half twist, the hardest one of all.
I jump with all my strength and twist as fast as I can
Springing up into my split turn,
Smiling along the way.
Walking on my tip toes to the beginning of the beam,
With my hands high up in the air,
I take a deep breath once again and start sprinting
Towards my last chance to beat them all.
Rotating like a wheel through the air
While doing my double,
Smack! My feet with a perfect landing on the hard mat,
And I stick it!

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