March 12, 2010
By Amanda Gurock BRONZE, New City, New York
Amanda Gurock BRONZE, New City, New York
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We walked like jackals in the night
So powerful and ready to fight
Determined to overcome every obstacle
Until we were satisfied and full
We walked like jackals seeking revenge
On the ones who we used to call our friends
Soon enough, they will be in the past
Because we are able to move fast
Charging like lightening striking the ground
Quickly turning their smirks into deep frowns
We walked like jackals ready to fight
Creeping quietly through the night
Desperate to kill the evil that lives inside
Their hearts and their twisted minds
So ready to pounce, so ready to shred
In order to knock the arrogance out of their heads
Such a horrible group of animals
So beastly, so plastic
Thinking that everything they do is so fantastic
We walked like jackals that one night
Ready to retaliate and ready to fight

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