March 12, 2010
By KoRush28 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
KoRush28 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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“Whos world is this? The world is yours... It’s mine it’s mine it’s mine....”
(From The World Is Yours by Nas)

I was sitting in my Kindergarden class on the first day eager to start the year and make all new freinds. As I was just about to finish taking in all the new faces the class door swung open. In walked a kid who was quite different from the other students. There standing in the door way was a black kid with huge hands and feet that resembled a puppy chocolate lab. As the kid walked you could tell that he hadn’t quite grown into the size of his ginormous frame. As the beast finally arrived to the classroom circle everyone had there eyes set on him looking him up and down from his head to his toes. Which would make most kids uncomfertable but not him, he walked right into the class and plopped down in the seat next to me. He had on blue and gold shorts with the St.louis rams football logo on the side, a gold St.Louis rams Marshall Faulk jersey, and the newest Micheal Jordan shoes. Then he leaned over to me and said


Ther Running back, with speed and agility
like a cheetah can leave you in there tracks,
but with powere like a diesel can leave you
lying flato the turf.
Equipped with massice biceps.
Huge thighs and abnormally large calfs and feet,
a beast made for speed.

This untamed animal gets into beast mode
as soon as he wits the field ready to cause havoc
in his game day attire.
He walk with so much swag but runs
as if he were a gazelle.
Smoothly slipping by every tackle dogging every blast,
getting a piece of daylight
and exploading away from the defense.
Wearing his low top Nike cleaats
only another dangerous tool to this mad mans tool box.

As his huge thighs cut
they smoothly dissolve intoa shoe
as his massive biceps push
they mold into sharp cleats,
and as his calfs and feet push
they become the beautiful colors of red and white

A light quick stronf huge cleat
a lethal weapon...




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