Maasai Mara

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

Bump, bump goes the car, over the plains like the Sahara.
We have arrived at Maasai Mara!
Two stops and lots of driving,
Finally we are arriving!

Tents are set up, already to go.
“Hey”, someone cries, “Is that elephant or buffalo?”
Anxious to look and see,
We run, Laura, Emma, and me!

Over the horizon comes a family of elephants.
Will they come close enough to reach the tents?
Seeing how long they were taking,
We go explore the river where animals may have been bathing.

We explore the river with sand between our toes.
I hear someone shout, “There she goes.”
I jump up like a metal spring,
And run to see what was happening!

I saw the elephants rearing to the right,
But was that more elephants coming into sight?
I felt excitement when they reached the river’s curve,
Will we get to watch them and observe?

Three elephants reach the river’s side.
I was so excited I smiled real wide.
The male cautiously tested the water,
After a few seconds the elephants went away including their son or daughter.

That was enough for one great day,
So we all went to our tents away.
As we lay there with no light,
We started to hear the sounds of night.

We hear the crackling fire’s noise,
And the animals, were they cries of joy?
Sounds of the night,
What a perfect vacation sight!

The author's comments:
My relitives live in kenya africa so when i went to visited them we went camping out in the wild, It is a great memory.

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