The Championship Game

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I arrive at the game
I can smell the fresh cut grass
I can hear the loud fans cheering in the bleachers
I get butterflies in my stomach but I’m eager to play
I really enjoy in front of a lot of people

You have to have a lot of heart to play this game
You have to be brave and strong
You need to have faith in your team
You need to play with confidence
I hear the whistle blow for the start of the game

I take my position on the field
I am ready to win the game
You need to know the plays and run them right
You need to be a good sport no matter what happens on the field
Trash talking is not an option

If you are tired you need to play your hardest
You win like a team and you lose like a team
No matter what happens you keep your head held high
If you are hurt you still play your heart out
Listen to the coaches and respect the refs

As the game ends we win by 10
I am so pumped that my goal was achieved
Now we get trophies and move on the next level
We played are best and succeed to the next level
Now we celebrate and party all night

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