March 12, 2010
By blackcar BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
blackcar BRONZE, Springfield, Pennsylvania
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When I had no responsibilities
I didn’t have to understand anything or be concerned
The worst thing that could happen was being sent to my room
When I thought feeling pain only meant physically
And I pretended to be older

When I was completely innocent
My toys could talk, and I didn’t have to decide things on my own
When I got excited over little things and took nothing seriously
I wish I could go back

Now I’m braver, I’m stronger
I’m afraid of different things, I’ve experienced more
I have more freedom, and I have new dreams
Now I have bigger things to look forward to

Now I’m more mature
I’ve made mistakes; I’ve learned from them
Now I can see through people, and I know who I don’t need in my life
Now I know how to stand up for myself

I used to have no responsibilities
And I was completely innocent
Now I’m braver, I’m stronger
I’m more mature
And I wouldn’t go back if I could

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