Music To My Ears

March 12, 2010
By DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
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What is music?
Music is me
Music is you
Music is where?

From drums with a base tone
Or a harmonic saxophone
From a beat to a clap
Oo its so much more than that

The first banged rocks
to a leather covered drum
Tins & Cans that tick like a clock
Old countrymen striking guitars in the sun

Black boys crowd the streets of Harlem
Clarinets blowin, High hats clappin
Don't really need words
To the music they tappin

Move to the left
Now to the right
Rhythmic Vibes
Move your body all night

Uncontrollable movement
Let the melody run through
Fingers, foot, body, then soul
Music is more than sound its spiritual

Be Quiet
Silence it all
The clamor and Ruckus

Listen to nature when it speaks
The icy wind blows past snowy peaks
Waters form waves crashing to shores
Listen as nature plays, the world is its floor

You are the music in your life
Listen when you speak
And even more
When you write

Annoying sirens
Pedestrians screaming
Traffic is buzzing
You feel a headache reaching

Much rather a smooth jazz tune
Maybe settling rhythm and blues
Music soothes for your body and mind
On this afternoon so fine

No matter what may be
Noise is a factor for you and me
Whichever form it may come
It brings a tone to which can be sung

So you ask what music is
I say speak not and listen
All the noise you hear
whether melodic or unclear...

Is music to my ears

The author's comments:
For all those who hold the world of music just as closely to the heart as I.

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