Advice to youth

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

The youth of today
Are not the youth of yesterday
Or of previous days.
All of the kids are influenced by bad things
Even the people they thought were their closest
And dearest friends, go behind their back
Without thinking they make the worst decisions.
You once heard they would never even be faced with.
Parents stress about their kids
Even when they’re at school
Which is supposed to be one of the safest places for them.
So keep your innocence
Walk away from the people
Who attract bad situations into your life.
Be the good influence to other people.
Be that person that everyone wants to be around
Grasp your innocence and purity
For as long as your clean hands can grasp it.
Once you get a little dirt on those fingers,
Clean them off again and stay out of the mud.
Just like mom and dad used to tell you
When you were living a young
And innocent childhood.
Keep your purity
And always strive for the best thing in your life
You deserve everything that the world has to offer.

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