What gives us the right?

March 12, 2010
By Linnea Guerin BRONZE, Oneida, Wisconsin
Linnea Guerin BRONZE, Oneida, Wisconsin
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Just because they speak a language that you don’t understand
Doesn’t mean they are saying nothing
Crying is something that you should be able to comprehend
So stop ignoring it, hiding behind the notion that they don’t feel emotion
Just because they don’t shed tears doesn’t mean they aren’t feeling.

If an animal hurts a person the punishment is death;
yet mothers and fathers are killed daily and we call it a “sport.”
It’s endless. Animals suffering for selfish human desire;
poked and prodded, caked with makeup
for our own vanity so that we can mask our identity.

Wild animals snatched from their habitat, shamelessly killed,
displaced, their homes crushed so a price can be put on the land
for development and we call it a “property”, it’s like a game;
Monopoly. See who can win the most before the end
But they don’t get a chance;

they’re murdered for tusks or fur- a way to make a profit,
or so we can indulge in another greasy meal
they are mass-produced, injected with chemicals, stuffed into cages;
never to walk on grass where their relative grazes,
treated like products, toyed with, “enhanced.”

They’re like objects we own, disposable.
A life with no meaning, not given a chance,
and we call this humane.
We hide behind reasoning and justification;
“We need to eat” or “We’re higher on the food chain.”

Yet they are shot with guns,
man-made machines killing these defenseless beings.
If an animal kills a person it’s called a tragedy,
yet we slaughter them by hundreds and it’s called reality.
It’s sickening.

What gives us the right?
What makes us think that we can own a life?
If we did the same to other people it would be called slavery
or murder, and it would be inhumane,
and when someone stands up for them you say it’s insane.

Just because they don’t speak our language,
doesn’t mean that they don’t have a voice.
They are screaming at the top of their lungs,
and you’re too greedy, caught up with
the money in your pocket to understand them.
So let me translate:

They’re saying, “save us.”

The author's comments:
I hope to make a difference and to make people realize that animals are not objects and should not be treated like they are.

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