The Definition Of Nice

March 12, 2010
By DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Our Deepest Fear is Not That we are inadequate, It is that we are powerful beyond measure."

I'm the definition of nice,
I do what others cant
succeed to what others fail,
I'm the real to the fake,
The capital to countries,
The alpha to beta,
Cant stop what you cant touch,
I'm just way too much!
Resolve the matters that cant be solved
light up the darkness that engulfs us all.
I do everything including fly,
One not to lie,
also one never to fall.
I said much but not enough at all
Respect is demanded
Uniquely built not branded
I'm not an oddball but an oddity
That is why so many people cant barely grasp me
I can talk in quiet whispers as if I'm rasp
But can be louder than my class
I write in rhymes all the time
Ring around in peoples ears like chimes
I'm not hungry for those haters I am ravenous
Therefore I can eat enough of two so feed us
You are my fuel, I'm the fire Ill burn you
Or Ill just toss you cross a plain like a horseshoe
No I'm not a baller but I'm lavish
So many girls want the body but you cant have it
You cuties wit a booty I'm done wit that
Gotta have your mind right
Then you keep a body tight
Humor, loyal, nice face
Not too shy, that's who be in first place
See I'm thirsty
Looking for a fresh glass of water
And that's her
Refreshing and so dependable
Never expendable
Down to Earth she got me high
I'm not on dope, she worth my cries
Without her yes I will die
I need my water man
That is what I understand
See Dehydration hurts
Yup nothing in this world is worse
So I drink water presented to me
But none are the glass of purity
Looking for a sparkle shining glass so heavenly
Haven't got it yet
But I'm close I bet
Now although I am nice
No not arrogance so don't chastise
Still floating high
On a star, the world under my feet with my water on my right
Together we make one without her i can never truly be
The Definition of Nice

The author's comments:
This is the Definition of Me and who I am

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