So IMperfect

March 12, 2010
I Play my rose pedal game,
the rain pelts at my hands,
No emotion in me,
but u wouldn't understand,

my eyes are lit from the light of a message,
Youur closure is one u wont let go,
until I push harder
will u be submitted to exposure,

Running away from a belligerent being
Who they say might not be a person that I see
But a person within me
Unreleased from the captivity of my brain

Those words stamp insane
But I'm not close just a lil stained
My imperfections are not to blame
So don't put your pain and stress on my name

I do me exceptionally
You do you expectantly
To tell me any different without evidence
Would be irrelevant

Some people find me on my open plain
Others will catch the weather on any given day
How can I bring sunshine when its forecast to rain
Same way truth finds not a flower in the sun but a rock in a cave

This is not a repetitive literary
But Who but one can see what I mean
The lion waits to prey
But just how long will he wait
Not guaranteed his meat will stay

Wow Man I am so relinquished
From thought and mindless activities
My fires on my brain have been extinguished
Glad to be the perfect antonym for relativity

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