March 11, 2010
By DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
DefinitionOfNice45 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
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"Our Deepest Fear is Not That we are inadequate, It is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Defined as deliverance and rescue
Is this what it feels like to be on death row?
To feel your heart take a U turn into despair?

What gives us as humans the right to request forgiveness?
If you take the life of a person the price should be returned, yet we digress
I took an arrow strapped to a golden bow
Shot it into your heart tugged and made it disappear

What I created was murder to the woman I believe to Love
Gone for good what is it that He thinks as I look above
I was questioned once and then questioned myself....
Who the hell am I?

Where is the young man raised into respect ?
Where is the kind-hearted innocent demeanor?
Where along the line did I lose keeping my emotions in check?
Sincerity above disparity, Keeping a path to happiness instead of closing the door

I know the real me, the real Ty was trapped by multifarious walls
Some very thick catching me off guard, desperately needing to be broken
You were there breaking in but with everyday a new wall put up to stall
I guess even as the real me had approached it forgot how to treat a woman.

At one given time who knew I could destroy two worlds
But especially one that I would kill to be apart of
Never did I realize you are my heart and part of me not just my girl
But I apologize for every single ounce of pain ever caused

I'm doing more than apologizing and even if not deserved, forgiveness
It will take long for you to do but I refuse to hurt you anymore
Shooting at your heart was like hitting a thin wall pressing into mines
You are the best and If you don't believe any words I ever say just know
I Love you for sure

Those words hit heavy like pelting rain drops
But It is why I feel terrible thrown into a whirlwind like a spinning top
My heart has always been behind that of a girl making sure shes first
Somehow I found the only other girl I love the one to tear down, just dust

Is it well deserved?
For Murder in degree or heartbroken individuals
I pray for it daily and repent, forgiveness is hopeful and maybe my redemption reserved .

The author's comments:
For all those who pray and plead forgiveness from the smallest things to the very largest.

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