March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Love is just a word,
it can mean anything you want.
Its just a four letter word,
that many people say to eachother.
Many people don't really know,
what does it really mean.
No one actually knows,
so many meanings,
to this four letter word,
but how can this be.
To some it means satisfaction,
to others it means lust.
To me it's the most powerfulkey,
to any relationship,
it doesn't mean lust nor satisfaction to me.
It's how you feel to another,
not in any sexual manner.
It's how you treatone another,
how much you really care.
What you would do,
how far your willing to go,
for that person you say I love you to.
When you say that four letter word,
I hope you let the other person know what you mean,
so your meanings and the others,
is the same.
Because this four letter word,
is so very powerful,
with so many meanings.
How can this be....,
many people have their own way love is said.
Just be sure your four letter word is used properly,
so another doesn't get hurt.
I mean it's just a four letter word.

The author's comments:
Well, I wrote this because so many people I know say I love you to other people. But sometimes they don't mean it in the way the others think of it. So many people have different means to the word love and I just think people need to know what the other means when that person says I love you. But thats just how I feel.

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