High On Oxygen

March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

these colors
fill my head with blind shaded lights.
never ending swirls colliding with thoughts.
some kind of high for being sober and clean.
watching darkness fill my light, only once before seen.

these colors
like making love to my thoughts.
my 1st tasting sugar on the bumps of my tongue.
the 1st goose bumps i get standing in the virgin rain.
knowing the difference between hurt and pain.

those colors
fading away from my black dilated pupils.
to never be seen by anyone else.
the way that i see them.
like love dying.
dancing in the rain is when i cry,
because that way no one can see my tears and ask me why.

The author's comments:
just getting sober. out of rehab. it hurts in such a different way that no one but people who have been through rehabilitation will ever know.

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