March 11, 2010
By Anonymous

The trees before autumn has truly sprung
We run
The forest green with red and yellow swatches
Pain and laughter rolled into one.
The senior boy
Captain who will never notice me
A freshman
Through the leaves shafts of light
Sprinting up hills
Out of breath
Rocks, roots, pressing my feet
Pounding with the rhythm of life
Reddish hair, orange shirt
Boys group
Us, JV girls
But don’t we love it
Leaves and paths
Hidden forest
Running in cross country
No one but the team here
Water break in the grassy clearing
Cool joy and companionship
Orange shirt is off
I look and he looks back
But then I gaze to the hill
Energy in my veins
To the sky
Blue, Brown dirt
The trees before autumn has truly sprung.

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