March 11, 2010
By OtakuBoy BRONZE, Saint Augustine, Florida
OtakuBoy BRONZE, Saint Augustine, Florida
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My fav? I have two. First ones too long so here: http://www.otakuzone.com/zone/OtakuBoy666/blog/9201/index.htm
and then theres:Every Gaurdian Angel has to have a darkside, they wouldn't be able to protect the one's they care about if they didn't!

I try to voice my thoughts aloud,
yet it comes out but faint whisper.
I manage to speak at last, but alas,
no truths are hidden within my words.
My tongue can form none but lies.
I try to scream yet again, but now
it only comes out as song.
I feel like sobbing,
but only a false smile shows
upon my face. Am I to live
forever in a world of false
realities’? Shall I reside in
the darkness yet again?
A voice tells me that I won't.
But I know I shall be trapped
forever, in the dark. Only
this time, it'll be the
darkness hidden in the light

The author's comments:
I origionally wrote this piece to go with a series im doing of poetry but it wouldnt fit so, yeah.
its pure fiction!!!

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