Never Turn Your Back

March 11, 2010
By Pat Giroux BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
Pat Giroux BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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I walked into the corner store on one cold wintery evening,
To get a scratch ticket from me favorite clerk Jose.
Three numbers that’s all I needed,
Until I could finally say “I succeeded.”

I went back to my family party and grabbed my luck penny, all shiny and clean,
Until I figured out I had created a scene.
People surrounded me as I scratched away,
Hoping if I won they could get some of the pay.

Three numbers scratched, no luck was in sight,
Right before my eyes, everyone’s faces turned white.
I looked around at everybody once more, until I realized why they were staring at me,
I looked down and my eyes glared with glee.

I went back down to the corner store so Jose could cash it in,
And he gave me a little grin.
He turned his back on me and said: “my friend this is a fake,”
I said: “No, it’s your mistake.”

Jose told me he’ll be right back, my ticket in hand,
I haven’t seen him since, all I know is he’s probably living grand.
I learned my lesson that cold wintery night,
And that is to never let anything out of sight.

The author's comments:
Poetry contest at local library about money.

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