Just Like You

March 11, 2010
She is simple,
She is strong
She hates herself,
When she is wrong
She’s not quite sure,
What to do?
They say don’t pretend,
Just be you
She is the girl,
With many friends
She is the girl,
Whose thoughts don’t end
She is the girl,
Afraid of truth
Surrounded by people,
But alone in her youth
She is afraid,
To be herself
She’s like a doll,
Left on a shelf
She knows not what,
She has to do
This little girl is just like you
She is the girl,
Who sits alone
She is the girl,
Who’s far from home
She never knows,
What lies ahead
Only the past,
Which holds her dread
She’s like the child,
Thrown on the street
She’s like a puppy,
Who has been beat
She knows what’s right,
She knows what’s wrong
She’s in this world,
Singing her song
She’s like a flower,
With a will to grow
She is a girl,
Who wants to know
She is the girl,
Afraid to show
The feelings that are inside, She’d rather stay cooped up
So her feelings she will hide,
She feels ashamed
Whenever she lies,
She lacks self-confidence
But her hardest she tries,
And when she tries
But then she fails,
She masks her sorrow
Behind a black veil,
And when she succeeds
After she tries,
Her heart grows wings
And then she flies,
This girl’s identity
You may not know,
She tries her hardest
For it not to show,
Her identity, you cannot see
So I shall tell you- It is me…

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